Corporate Social Responsibility

Korporacja Radex S.A.


Korporacja Radex S.A. received more than 150 opinions, statements and recommendations from the largest companies in the world, Europe and Poland. We would like to quote few excerpts of selected letters and recommendations:

Du Pont Conoco Poland

"Quality of construction, installation and road works do not differ from European standards, which is undoubtedly contributed to the professional staff of Korporacja Radex S.A.".

NESTE Oil Poland

"The quality of the work, materials and equipment meet high European standards".

Acciona Nieruchomości

"Your companies make themselves known as a well-organized, conscientious, showing the high quality of its contractual obligations. Cooperation is exemplary and the current problems are resolved in the interest of the common good. Effectiveness is based on high technical and personal culture and competence of executive".

METRO Real Estate

"The idea of putting the shopping center into service before the contractual term, watching efficient, professional coordination of the investment task. Passing by you of this task reasonably aroused our admiration. I want to emphasize that there are few well-known companies in the world, that would be able to get on the effort and meet all the purposes. "Once again we would like to congratulate you and your comapny" and wish you great success in the implementation of investments in the future."

Warbud S.A.

"(opinion on the construction of a shopping and entertainment center - Arkadia in Warsaw) "(...)"The project is regarded as the largest of its kind in Poland and Europe", "The successful implementation of the project puts you, Mr President at the European forefront of the effectiveness and coordination of the largest investment projects"

Narodowy Bank Polski

"(...) I am fully satisfied with the professionalism, punctuality and a high technical level and quality of work." Vice President of the NBP Mr. Krzysztof Barburski.

General Electric International Inc.

"(...)In our opinion, this was one of the best implementation, comparing with other projects of this kind in the world.", "We are positively surprised by the level of cooperation with engineers, technical staff and managers whose professional background and skills are equal, or even in many cases exceed the international standards of evaluation criteria of elite professionals, involved the implementation of similar, one-of-a-kind projects. I am pleased to highlight that perfectly shaped co-operation in all stages of the preparation of the project, through the design based on the guidelines of General Electric International Inc. Cincinnati, Ohio, by construction works, the stage installation of equipment unique and comprehensive start-up is the best testimony passed exam with flying colors by WZL-4 and Korporacja Radex S.A. "

Dom Development

"We are highly impressed with your ability to apply extensive technical knowledge, also as a construction expert."

BEG Ingénierie Polska

"(...) The degree of complex tasks evidenced by the fact that it was the first such building in Poland, in the center of the continuous passenger traffic at Wileńska Warsaw railway station. This required an innovative approach to the many problems of work organization and technology, building structures, geotechnics, soil mechanics, fire protection facilities, meet the requirements of construction law and environmental protection in the field of acoustics, water and wastewater management, waste management, air and soil. Set up and chaired by Janusz Sobieraj team of experts - Prof. Assoc. W. Lenkiewicz, prof. Assoc. Z. Wasilewski, professor. Assoc. W. Zoltowski, prof. Assoc. G. Chrabczyński, prof. Assoc. Z. Grabowski, Professor. Assoc. J. Sieczkowski, prof. Assoc. L. Runkiewicz, prof. Assoc. M. Kosiorek, prof. Dr. E. Zoller, Ph.D.. B. Kaminski, PhD, inc. Z. Koszarny, PhD. K. Manios, M. Sc. B. Śmigielska - solved quickly and professionally task placed before him, presenting alternative ways of solving problems, which allowed investors to achieve the intended effects of utility, including economic. The investors trust acquired by you is proved by the fact that in the final stages of construction we entrusted to you on behalf of the BEG and Carrefour Poland objects to make the final acceptance and transfer them to use. Also, at this stage, you and your company showed complete professionalism by passing an object to be used in exactly the predetermined period of time. "

Magazyn Przedsiębiorców "Europejska Firma"

Dear Mr. President,
Editorial office of Magazyn Przedsiębiorców "Europejska Firma" once again would like to congratulate you on your successes in Business. From the financial data of your company that you have submitted to the National Court Register, it appears that you have been developing dynamically for several years. This made the market value of your company grow fast and you gained the title of Business Cheetah 2010 and the distinction in our competition among 40 thousand business entities. You can use the title of GEPARD BUSINESS free of charge and indefinitely.
Best wishes
Jerzy Krajewski
Editor in Chief Magazyn Przedsiębiorców "Europejska Firma"